Rezoning Process in South Africa

Introduction to the Rezoning Process in South Africa

The rezoning process is a key element in town planning, allowing for the change of land use rights from one form to another. At 2020 Planning Group, we’ll guide you through this process in regions like Tshwane Municipality, Pretoria, Johannesburg Municipality, and Ekurhuleni Municipality.

1. Application Submission

The first phase of the rezoning process involves the submission of the application to the Municipality. This can be submitted digitally or, if an online system is unavailable, it is scanned onto the Municipality’s system. The application is then circulated within the Municipality’s departments for comments. This process ensures a comprehensive review of the proposed rezoning.

3. Follow-up on Application

We actively monitor the status of the application and maintain communication with various departments as necessary. This may involve meetings with other professionals, such as engineers or environmental surveyors, to ensure a coordinated approach towards the application.

2. Advertisement Procedure

Following the submission of the application, public participation is initiated either upon instruction from the Municipality or after 28 days without response. Notices are prepared by our offices and published in the Gauteng Provincial Gazette and local newspapers. These notices are also displayed on the site for at least 14 consecutive days, and sent via registered post to neighbours or handed over in person. After the public is notified, they have 28 days to object to the application.


Upon receiving all positive internal comments, the City Planning Department prepares the approval documents. The application is approved by the Municipality if there are no objections or negative comments. Once approved, the application is promulgated on the provincial gazette (for rezoning). The client must then adhere to all the conditions stipulated by the Municipality in the official approval letter. A clearance certificate is obtained from the Municipality, proving adherence to all conditions of approval. This certificate is required for the approval of Building Plans.

The rezoning process can be complex, but 2020 Planning Group is here to assist, ensuring a smooth journey through the rezoning process across South Africa.

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