Understanding Section 16 of the LUM By-law (Part 2)

Requirements for Land Development Applications

In this article, we will delve into the specific requirements for land development applications as outlined in Section 16 of the LUM (Land Use Management) By-law. Understanding these requirements is crucial for applicants to ensure compliance and navigate the application process smoothly.

What documentation must accompany a land development application submitted under Section 16?

When submitting a land development application under Section 16, it is necessary to provide a letter from the Municipality confirming the application’s completeness, as per Regulation 14(1)(i) of the Act and the LUM By-law. Failure to receive confirmation within the prescribed time has implications for advertising and remains subject to the LUM By-law provisions.

What obligations does the applicant have regarding the application content?

The applicant is obligated to send or publish the application exactly as submitted to the Municipality. Any modification, addition, alteration, or removal of information that was not part of the original application constitutes a contravention of the provisions outlined in Schedule 13 read with Schedule 23. Such contravention is considered an offense.

What happens if the applicant fails to provide a copy of the land development application within the prescribed timeframe?

Failure to provide a copy of the land development application within the specified time period results in the request for a copy being regarded as an objection. The person who requested the copy will be deemed an objector of record in the process.

What is the applicant required to retain as proof and submit during the application process?

The applicant must retain proof of any request made and their compliance with the request for a copy of the application. This documentation should be submitted along with proof of advertising, as stipulated in the Schedules related to the land development applications mentioned in the introduction.


Adhering to the requirements outlined in Section 16 of the LUM By-law is essential for successfully navigating the land development application process. By understanding these requirements, applicants can ensure compliance, avoid contraventions, and facilitate a smooth progression of their development projects.

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