Regional Planning: Town and Regional Planning

Field of town and regional planning in South Africa

We delve into the field of town and regional planning, focusing on the planning, design, implementation, and management of public interventions to foster sustainable development and promote equity. Our aim is to showcase the crucial role of town and regional planners in rectifying spatial imbalances, improving living environments, and generating innovative solutions.

Why urban planning

  1. The Significance of Town and Regional Planning:
    • Town and regional planning aims to widen choices, promote equity, and ensure sustainable development across various scales, from local sites to supranational levels.
    • The profession seeks to generate viable alternatives to existing settlement patterns, addressing spatial and other imbalances in urban and rural areas.
    • With the current challenges in South Africa, town and regional planning plays a key role in improving underperforming living environments and rectifying spatial disparities.
  2. Qualities of an Ideal Town and Regional Planner:
    • Town and regional planners are creative problem solvers, offering innovative solutions to complex challenges.
    • They act as mediators, reconciling diverse viewpoints and facilitating collaborative decision-making processes.
    • Strategic thinking and effective management are essential skills, enabling planners to navigate complex projects successfully.
    • Planners must possess a strong sense of social and environmental justice and be committed to promoting human development, given the housing and social service backlogs in South Africa.
  3. Employment Opportunities in Town and Regional Planning:
    • Many town and regional planners work as private consultants for the public and private sectors.
    • They are employed by all three spheres of government, research agencies (such as CSIR and HSRC), non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, major financial institutions, and property development groups.

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