Introduction of Spluma Certificate by Municiplities

The Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA) empowers municipalities in South Africa to regulate land use within their jurisdiction. The Spluma certificate plays a crucial role in property transfers as it ensures that properties are being used in compliance with zoning laws. In this guide, we'll explain the importance of the Spluma certificate and the steps involved in obtaining it, including necessary documents and requirements.

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Understanding the Spluma Certificate

  • The Spluma certificate is a legal requirement that confirms a property’s compliance with land development authorization and municipal zoning laws.
  • It empowers municipalities to regulate land use and ensures that properties are being used in accordance with zoning regulations.

Importance in Property Transfers

  • Before a property transfer can be legally completed, a Spluma certificate must be obtained from the local authority.
  • The certificate serves as proof that the provisions outlined in the land development authorization have been adhered to.

Obtaining a Spluma Certificate

  • To obtain a Spluma certificate, certain steps and requirements must be fulfilled.
  • The seller must provide an affidavit confirming compliance with zoning laws.
  • All rates, taxes, and other outstanding financial obligations related to the property must be paid.
  • Approved building plans must be in place.
  • The property must be used in accordance with municipal zoning laws, and there should be no encroachments over the building lines.