Requirements for Relaxation by City of Tshwane

Welcome to our page on the relaxation of building lines and heights in Pretoria. Here, we will provide you with important information and guidelines for obtaining relaxations in building lines and heights. Understanding the requirements and process is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful application.

  • Bond Holder’s Consent: Learn about the recent requirement for bond holder's consent when applying for relaxations.
  • Zoning Certificate and Development Controls: Discover how the zoning certificate can provide valuable information about the development controls for your property.
  • Coverage and Building Footprint: Understand the concept of coverage and how it relates to the building footprint on your property, including a practical example.
  • Removing Restrictive Clauses: Find out how restrictive clauses within title deeds can be removed to allow for relaxation applications.
  • Required Documents for Building Line Relaxation: Explore the list of essential documents needed for a building line relaxation application, including the application form, title deed, approval stamps, permission letters, and more.
  • Pre-Approval and Aerial Photograph: Learn about the importance of obtaining pre-approval from building control and including a color aerial photograph of your property in the application.

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