Zoning for Motor Dealership in South Africa: An In-Depth Analysis

Defining a Car Dealership in Terms of the Town Planning Scheme and SPLUMA By-law

According to the town planning scheme, a Motor Dealership refers to land and buildings used for an integrated service, providing a full range of related activities concerning a specific vehicle range. These activities include a Motor Workshop, Offices, the sale of new spare parts, and the sale of new and used vehicles of that specific range within a motor showroom. The showroom must be an approved building enclosed on all sides with brick and/or glass walls.

Similarly, the Vehicle Sales Mart, defined under the same scheme, pertains to land, with or without ancillary buildings, used for the display and/or sale of roadworthy vehicles of good outward appearance, excluding a Motor Dealership and a Panel-beater.

Pros and Cons of Rezoning for a Motor Dealership

In the context of a car dealership, rezoning can have several benefits and drawbacks.

Pros of Car Dealership Rezoning

Rezoning a property for a car dealership can contribute to the local economy by creating jobs and encouraging growth in related industries. Additionally, it allows for the development of otherwise underutilized land.

Cons of Motor Dealership Rezoning

On the other hand, rezoning can also pose potential challenges, such as increased traffic and disruption of residential areas. It can also prompt resistance from community members concerned about changing the character of their neighborhood.

Case Study: Rezoning for a Car Dealership in South Africa

In Gauteng, one of South Africa’s most populated provinces, zoning and rezoning for car dealership has been an ongoing challenge. Balancing the economic benefits with the potential disruptions to local communities remains a central issue.

The Future of Rezoning and Zoning for Motor Dealership

As South Africa’s automotive industry continues to grow, the future will likely see an increased need for thoughtfully zoned and rezoned spaces for car dealerships, pointing to the importance of strategic and considerate urban planning.

FAQ – Car and Motor Dealership

What is a Motor Dealership according to South African town planning scheme?
A Motor Dealership is defined as land and buildings used for an integrated service that provides a full range of related activities in respect of a specific vehicle range.
What are the benefits of rezoning for a car dealership?
Rezoning for a car dealership can stimulate local economy, create jobs, and allow the development of underutilized land.
What are the challenges of rezoning for a car dealership?
Rezoning for a car dealership can lead to increased traffic, disruption of residential areas, and possible resistance from local communities.
How has rezoning for car dealerships evolved in Gauteng?
In Gauteng, rezoning for car dealerships has been a complex issue, balancing the economic benefits against potential disruptions to local communities.

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